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Current and Planned Assessment Projects

Increase the impact of your work and help the whole Library by doing so! Are you currently working on an assessment project? Or planning one? Post a note to let your colleagues know! You must log in first.

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Project list:

College strategic directions

When college strategic directions are published, analyze them for implications for the library.  - RAU, Spring 2010

Enhance learning outcomes assessment program

Improve and extend learning outcomes assessment for the library's instruction program and through CUICI. Gaby Castro Gessner attends ARL Immersion Program for assessment.  - Instruction Committee, CUICI, RAU

Middle States Reaccreditation

Represent CUL on two Middle States Reaccreditation working groups producing CU's self study.  - Janet McCue and Zsuzsa Koltay

User satisfaction

Investigate and recommend options for user satisfaction methodology such as interviews with faculty, grad students and undergards,or a large scale user survey every 2-3 years for longitudinal data.  What are pros and cons of qualitative approaches, or repeating LibQual vs. doing a home-grown survey?  - RAU

SPEC survey on outcome assessment

Work with ARL to produce a national survey of research library practices in the area of outcome assessment.  - Xin Li and Zsuzsa Koltay 2009/2010

Library impact data

Work with IRP to use existing large-scale survey channels to generate library impact data. - RAU

PhD student needs

Work with Kornelia to support her Mellon proposal to investigate needs of PhD students and possible intervention. - Kornelia, RAU

Key indicators

Identify key indicators for startegic trend tracking based on balanced scorecard framework. - RAU

Improve annual data collection

Improve annual data collection by:

  • identifying and deploying a better technological solution
  • adjusting data collected to better represent current trends and library practices and needs for decision-making
  • streamline data and collection methods      - RAU