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Cornell University Library strives to maximize positive impacts for its users by making decisions based on facts and analysis. Research and assessment are crucial activities to support evidence-based priority setting and decision making.

Current awareness sources we like

RAU tracks new trends and developments relevant to CUL and libraries in general using a variety of sources. Following are brief descriptions and access information on some of our favorites.

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Did you know... (What the Library means to its users)

Did you know that more than half of the concepts conveyed in the 500 entries received for the Got Words? raffle show that the library is appreciated as an intellectual hub and a provider that supports access to collections and other resources?

Did You Know?

Since 2009, the Research and Assessment Unit has sent messages to the library listserv (CU-Lib) to highlight library trends, survey results and findings drawn from library statistics.  This is an archive of those messages. The dates in parentheses indicate the date the message was sent to the list.

Find Data and Reports

A lot of good data already exists about CUL, CU, and the library community as a whole.  Whether statistics, project reports, or library systems that can be queried, the following links hook you up to the most important sources of existing data.  If you notice something we missed, please let us know.

Friends/Volunteer Recruitment

This is a placeholder page created for LibPAS implementation. 

Get your own CUL data: Getting started

Most of these tools are limited to CUL only.  Specifics provided below:


Borrow Direct

Notes: Penn Data Farm reports are available without a password.  A password is need to do a data dump: contact Caitlin Finlay.

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Library value calculations

We all know that maintaining a research library requires a large investment.  The annual expenditure figures of a library quantify the investment, but do not tell the whole story.


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