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Cornell University Library strives to maximize positive impacts for its users by making decisions based on facts and analysis. Research and assessment are crucial activities to support evidence-based priority setting and decision making.

The Research and Assessment Unit assembles and reports relevant data, both qualitative and quantitative, to achieve two main goals: first to help address a wide range of questions about how best to align library programs with user needs, and second to report on library performance. Our activities include annual data collection, custom projects to answer specific research questions, trend tracking, consulting, coordinating assessment activities, and sharing results to avoid duplication of effort. We have used a wide variety of methodologies for previous projects: for example surveys, focus groups, interviews, observations, statistical analysis, data mining and data manipulation, text analysis, etc. We prioritize our tasks in accordance with the goals and priorities of the Library and the University.

RAU is committed to supporting a culture of assessment in the Library, so that the use of measurements can permeate all activities and be undertaken by the whole CUL community.

Who we are:

  • Zsuzsa Koltay, Director of Assessment and Communication
  • Gaby Castro Gessner, Research and Assessment Analyst
  • Vandana Shah, Research and Assessment Analyst
  • Joanne Leary, Research and Assessment Support Specialist
  • Linda Miller, Research and Assessment Librarian